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Stupid Hoe Analysis

there has been alot of backlash from nicki’s stupid hoe video and its to the point where its irritating because people have so much animosity towards her even some so called “nicki fans”, but me being a true fan loved it like i said its fine if your not a fan but there is a difference between being not a fan and a hater here are a couple of things i have seen and here are my rebuttals.

1. “this is the worst song and video ever”

this is irrelevant because i have heard way more worse songs to surface the airways like “Friday” and a whole bunch more and for the video it was creative that’s no denying and fun and lively.

2. “Nicki is a copycat”

first off lets get this straight ain’t nothing original no more its just the way it is and two nicki is paying HOMAGE to shakira, beyonce, rihanna, grace jones, and a whole bunch more why would she throw shade to them because she is friends with most of them and for lady gaga (even though i’m a fan she did not create the fucking planet or them eye contact lens she was not always weird she did stuff i done seen madonna do so yeah not everything she does is original.

3. “what happened to old nicki”

sorry but old Nicki is gone i hate that but she is older and she wants to have fun and i cant hate her for that she is making money not y’all its her choices not yours and if she sees this a failed attempt of a song she will come back with something raw, and i believe this was all for fun and i think that this will be like massive attack and not even be on her album so yeah.

4. “nicki rips off lady gaga”

so your telling me lady gaga can be glorified because she is weird but if nicki does something weird she gets hate what the fuck, thats major fuckery. And for those saying nicki is doing too much, doing too much to me is making 9 minute videos.

5. “Stupid hoe mad no sense”

umm stupid hoe is about lil kim being a stupid hoe for calling nicki a lil kim clone, and its a parody diss track and a satirical view on all of nicki’s haters and not just lil kim, bet y’all didn’t know its called “Research”

6. “Nicki album is going to suck”

so your going to let one song and video define who nicki is and how her album is going to be like, yeah that’s smart (sarcasm) y’all are acting like she released her whole fucking album and like i said i’m sure this is a promo song because va va voom is the first official song stupid hoe was a fun track for nicki to release her anger out on so your stupid.

7. “Nicki 15 minutes are up”

this is the worst seeing as there is no stopping her she is a juggernaut in the game and a force to be reckoned with have you seen her twitter her fans are skyrocketing each day and there is stopping her and i bet you money she will be around 10 years from now so get used to it.

this is my conclusion nicki is going no where she will continue to win and she will always have her fans behind her and the haters or “Stupid Hoes” on the sideline feeding her with ambition so shut the fuck up and continue to hate, thank you :)

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