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Short Story

so i be on MPF like all day everyday in school on my computer right. thats how all these blogpost of mines come about. lol. but so my teacher walks around the lecture hall then comes over by me. i was going thru the photos on here , so he see's the pic i pull up of nicki & he says "oooo nicki minaj!" i look up in smile like "mmhmm!" ; then he says "she has a big ol butt!" . i started DYINNNNNNNNGGGGGG . he's like "really! she does". me *still laughing* iknow. then he walks away & deja's like "pink friiiidayy". u know me & my smiling ass. i haaaaad to smile at that! crazy thing is, at first when i 1st mentioned a Nicki Minaj he didnt have a clue in the world at who she was. guess he decided to look her up. did good on his research. but yeaah thats the story ;]
- DeJaunna

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