Tue, Apr 19, 2011 at 9:55 PM

How I Came Across Nicki Minaj

okay so.. it was one liddo summer day..dunno what day exactly but it was back in 07'. & u know i was liek the HUGEST trina fan. blastin ha music here & there. i was like 11. soooo then one day outta the summer my brother says "aww yanna u gotta listen to this chick right here!!" (preferring to nicki) so im like "uhmm... oohhkkaaaaaay" & so he plays 1 of her songs & im like "..........ohkay she hot n what not i guess" so it brush it off. thennnn my sister starts playing her im like "mm.. is that dat nicki minaj girl?" she like yeaahh. im like "oh" . iwaaas kinda feelin her & they KNEW it but aint whana say nuthin so one day i decide to put trina on hold & listen to sum of nicki's music den thats when icame across playtime is over (mixtape) . so im like ohhh she hot .. she hot & i also wanted ta know what she looked like so i research nick what not & i came across like 20 diff pics im like lawwdd what do this chick really look like!!! lol ; soo i go check out her myspace page n so im like she pretty. thennnnn i like fell in love with her. lol ; thought i was the baddest fuckin 6th grader walkin this EARTH blastin her music everywhere ; lmao ; sooo yeah ever since then , i've been a nicki fan & let me telllllllllllllllllll YOU! she's has changed my life in so many ways like u just dont know! Nicki is A M A Z I N G ! ;]
- DeJaunna

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