Tue, May 31, 2011 at 7:57 PM

#TeamMinaj ?

I take it everyone knows why nicki's not tweeting. but u ask why ? because of this bullshit around TM. this...this is just liikkee not even cool. im sure nicki doesn't whana get on twitter every fucking day just ta see TEAM MINAJ actin like fucking bafoons, like dey aint got no kinda damn sense. im not here for it & i KNOW some of yall aint here for it either. i see down my TL RIGHT NOW people showing nicki love saying how much they love her & all this other stuff LIKE dass suppose to make her tweet again. it wont. i mean its coo that you do that because who wouldnt whana express their love for her but if TEAM MINAJ was to ACT like a T E A M and not some fucking animals who have no common sense what so ever then maybe she would tweet again. this arguing shit, calling ppl out ON TWITTER, putting people on blast, acting as IF your not team minaj is just bullshit like get the fuck over it. if u dont like sumbody, dont tweet em. dont talk about em. dont do nun of dat shit. whatchu SHOULD do is SQUASH it. let dat shit go. if ucant beat em, work wit em. act as IF we ARE the angels nicki's told us we were *batts eyelashes* ; anyways.. what im sayin is.. #TeamMinaj needa get some shit togethaa and act as IF WE ARE A FUCKING TEAM!!! Feel me. I mean im here for nicki but im ALSO here for this team, get the word TEAM. Whats your definiton of a team cuz what isee on a daily bases is some totally different shit den what mines AND the book definition is.
Together we STAND, divided we FALL.
- DeJaunna

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