Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 6:24 PM

New Alter Ego

Ha. finally i found outt names for my alter ego's
my firstt onne is Scotty Brink the onne from the UK
best friends with Roman and he's the more DL kindd off
person that keep his crazy shit to his self and
doesn't let anything past him he speaks what he wan'ts does what he want's and he doesn't worry aboutt anyone and he married he married to his money .. most people describe him as a savage type . cocky. assertive. astonishing . loud mouth . obnoxious . entertaining . fashion. creativity . talented . watch out . he's dangerous. he get's money and he bashes anyone that don't watch what they say or do most people fear him because he's a nicce person at first but when you fuck with him he unleashes his side of darkness that's when they call him Scotty Roman Brink.

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