Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 6:58 PM

Krimlin Video

Omfg get of her dick bitch #roger that
like what is wrong with kim and these krimlin's nicki has blocked them they still try to be exsisted i don't like how lil kim going around now telling everyone she aint gon leave nicki alone until she give's up kim's way's .. it's like bitch please stopp acting like you the only one that can wear wings when nicki started she started with her pink and black and then deciced to wear wing's cause she came up with it kim you hardly wore wig's so what's the big deal and last time i checked i don't even remember any of you shitty ass music so cutt the jokes and let's be realistic nicki's here to stay your going adios that all that Roman Scotty Zolanski Brink have to sayy and if anyone have a problem with Nicki being the best comment and let me get to teaching yall why she is the best ... long live the queen of rapp and everything Onika Tanya Miraj #its barbie bitch and plus kim trashy and even if she did wear wing's it still can't fix her fucked up face duhh ..

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