Thu, May 12, 2011 at 1:36 PM

you BEEN a fan !

J E A L O U S L Y all around me son. i can feel , smell , taste it yo. bitches just love to HATE shaay. but its cool. i mean if i was them i would hate too. they upset at the fact that they man wanna fuck me. cause you see , im KILLIN' these hoes. they see the thick thighs and the chinky eyes. i walk in the room, and ALL EYES ON SHAAY ! you feel me ? and im about my paper , dinero , bread , mullllaaahhh ! so on top of being bad , i get MY OWN cash. so although they men want me , i dont need they niggas. but all i got to say is STEP YA COOKIES UP BIEEETCH. amybe one day you'll be on my level , but probably not , (:

PS : fauck wid me on twitter : @leniquegotFAME !
smootches and hugs to my barbs.
and a middle finger to you hoes !

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