Sun, May 1, 2011 at 12:59 AM


its been a while since i been on here. i've been super busy! but anywaays! #update: i Saw Nicki in Detroit in April #iamstillmusictiour! the shit was hott & she looked super sexy as always. a snippet of tragedy was released a while ago, & i have ONE Question...... How do you Murder a bitch Life in 40 seconds!? haha Tragedy was fuckin HOT! 40 seconds of rippin that paypal hoe a new asshole. lmao... Till the World ends Remix. Nicki murdered her verse :p "i just slayed ya whole entire Fuckin Liiiiiiiiiiiiifeee!" ohgawd. but yea, i plan on goin to The Femme Fatale concert in July to see brit & nicki, i already know that its gonna be the Shiizzz! lol ..... #sn: Last name Ann, First Name, RAAAAAAAAAAGGGGEEEDDDYYYYYYYYY!! . follow me on Twitter & Tumblr Lovess . @_iamDior | .

Love, Dior ;]

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