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Pink Friday in Seattle: Photos

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The show was a blast! Meeting her was worth the sore feet & time but not the money. I had 10 seconds with her but waited hours to see her. Her manager said she wouldn't sign anything so not to bring anything in so I didn't put my shirt on for her to sign because I thought she wouldn't. She signed for some I think but her manager's an ass for that. As VIPs were walking out they weren't smiling at all. I'm over exaggerating maybe a few. After the show we thought we would see her to sign something else, but all we received was an autographed picture handed to us. UGH! That was a joke.

Overall the experience was a moment for life. Me and my boyfriend really enjoyed every aspect of it. We were in the 10th row but I stayed upfront for the ending of the show and I loved the confetti falling, beautiful! Especially being right under it all. I actually ran up front to get chosen to go on stage but the two girls in front of me did. I should have pushed them out my way, LMAO! Yeah right they were just little girls.

Well hopefully her future shows will have a live band instead of tracks in the background because that would be worth the money. And the meet & greets need a to be fixed or stopped because that shit ain't working or helping her career. It's just receiving negative feedback. The fans not meeting her were just waiting for her to get on stage and they think she is just late for her own show but that's not the case. Maybe meet & greets after the show would be better.

Speaking of after the show, people were running around like crazy once she stepped out of the theater. I thought we missed her but we didn't. I had my mom drive and park in the middle of the street near the SUVs. As me and my little sister were walking towards the crowd we broke out running because everyone was screaming. When we noticed she went the other direction everyone also started running and pushing each other. LMAO! We jumped on a parked SUV and recorded. When nicki went the towards the first crowd we all ran again and I got knocked in my damn head by this dude's elbow. I didn't care at that moment and ran as he was still apologizing. LOL! We didnt get shit signed yet again but my boyfriend who was MIA the entire time did.

pictures and videos coming soon!

Performance Photos by KISS 106.1

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