Wed, Nov 21, 2012 at 11:03 PM

Pink Friday: The Re-Up Review

So far my favorite songs on Disc 1 are..
1. High School - I didn't like Wayne's lyrics it was the same as usual, about pussy.
2. Hell Yeah - I'm an island girl and hula dancer, this song makes me feel like doing the figure-8 and just dance.
3. I'm Legit - Besides I love Coara and I know the video is gonna BOOM! NIcki
s lyrics were the fuckin shit! I feel ratchet when I rap along to this song.
4. Endorse These Strippers - Once again, it's that ratchet shit I do like!

I'm done I can't go on. The other songs are great as well especially the lyrics in Up in Flames and I love Cassie but The Boys was alright, they looked gorge in the video of course but the song had to be saved by the video. Applause to Nicki once again. The Re-Up is lovely!

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