Thu, Sep 1, 2011 at 2:48 AM


Hey guys... well for those who i use to talk to all the time and be in the chat with and such, you havent seen me in a loooooooong time. months ago i stopped getting on because i was mad at Nicki for not releasing "fly" but now its out and i love it (kind of) and i was just about to start re-upping my Team Minaj membership i guess you can say...BUt then she went and pissed me off again. I HATED her vma 2011 outfit. To say she looked a hot fucking mess is an understatement, she literally looked like she was dippe in glue and got rolled thru a hoarders house... & the wig; no comment... I have also been mad at her for wearing those tiny helmet wigs...ugh, hate those.. i understand switching it up..but..NO!!!! And im semi over her wearing leggings with these dope dresses (sometimes its hot & others it ruins the outfit) Show off those nice legs..gosh.. and the other thing im hating about her wigs now is like on the sides theres like this baby hair gel'd down effect...WTf is that. it ruins the cute wigs.. I just want her to get back to wearing Fashion; The looks straight off the runway.. like seriously. and sometimes it would be nice to see the black wig w/ pink fusions.. ya know. The music she has been putting out lately is great... but ive just been disapponted in her looks lately...i dont know what to say. i hope she gets it together in time for her tour and sophmore album promo..cause at this rate..idk. And the Americas Got Talent perf. was cool but i hated her look..the wig lookd like something was wrong..i really just miss the nicki that i would look at an dgo "yesssssssssssssssssssssss" lmao. she did look good in the pink dress AFTER the vmas though..shoulda wore that & the wig she had on then...& i looooove the leopard wig in the fly video BTW, but yeah shes pissing me the fuck off basically and this is all coming from someone who loves her... :( sorry

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