Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 1:02 AM


Last night i came to realize, while saying my prayers and trying to fall asleep, how selfish it is of me and most of us to act as if we are just too extremely busy to take the time to read the bible. I must make this clear that im NOT saying that you cant be a christian without reading the bible because you can. We all worship him in our own way. Im just saying before i dide i would like to know the full extent of jesus' journey of die'ing for our sins. The only reason i havent red most of the bible is because some of the things in it i dont agree with (like the beheading of people over things we see as foolish in todays world) but i never wanted to be one of those people who pick through the bible and believe in certain things. Such as how most christians try and condemn gay people to hell but override that all sins are equal and NO sin is greater than the next; meaning divorce, gluttony, and lie'ing shall also condemn you, but you never hear them speak of that.. but yeah, sometimes i feel we dont appreciate him enough or we dont seek him until we have a problem and it shouldnt be that way. We all dont even appreciate each other as people in todays society.. this world is full of hate and nonsense and endless wars. we dont put out enough good energy to recieve it back because people choose to only lean on good when they are in trouble, so during all the other time the devil is able to corrupt us.. and no im not talking about anyone specific im speaking of us all... and if you dont believe in GOD then seek out a religion that fits you; believe in something to give you a ground of morals. love yourself; your family; and thank HIm for everyday. and remember we are all unworthy in comparison to GOD, none of us are exact to his image of what he wanted us to be because we are all flesh and we all sin, but his is forgiving and just trust in him and he will bless you more than you've ever imagined.....

muahh muahh muahh :)

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