Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 9:36 PM

PF:RR Review

Im sooo proud of Nicki. PF:RR is amazing! She has come so far in her life and career. I think this album shows her amazing rap and singing skills. She is truly diverse and multi-genred. Nicki can rap how and when she wants and she can do the same with her singing. This album, to me, is a milestone for her. Each track on PF:RR is its own meaning and style. "Roman Holiday", "Come On A Cone", and "Stupid Hoe" show her craziness, carelessness, and IDGAFness. Those tracks show her true personality and syle. "I Am Your Leader", "Beez In The Trap", "HOV Lane", and "Roman Reloaded" show her rapping skills at their best. She shows her flow and lyricism also. These show what makes her a rapper in the first place. "Right By My Side", "Beautiful Sinner", "Fire Burns" and "Young Forever" show her feelings of love for a man that she either lost or doesn't think she should have. "Champion", "Marilyn Monroe", and "Masquerade" are songs and messages for her fans to chase their dreams, be who they are, and never give up. "Gun Shot", "Beautiful Sinner", and "Whip It", to me, shows her love for the Caribbean and her roots since those songs sound like Caribbean music. "Turn Me On", "Va Va Voom", "Automatic", "Starships", and "Pound The Alarm" express how well she can sing and rap in one song and it still be a great song. "Sex In The Lounge" is a slow, love making song that makes you fell like bumpin and grindin the best you can. PF:RR sums up to be the ultimate club banging album. It is also a good album to get your hopes and feelings up when your down. PF:RR is the best album to just jump around and act crazy and child-like to. Im so proud of Nicki and her success. She has come a very long way and I think PF:RR shows Nicki at her very best. ILY NICKI! MUAH!

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