Sat, Jan 11, 2014 at 6:02 PM

Just how i feel about you

Hey Nicki If you read this one day i Just wanted to let you know that These past few years that i'm with you & that i have you in my life are the best years of my life & i'm not saying this just to say it i've completly changed as a person & the more happier i get the more i forget about this society this world & everything i mean everything is so perfect with you

3 Years ago my english was horrible & i really was thinking that i will never be able to speak to you but slowly i was motivated & to pay more attention in my english classes & it paid off i'm not perfect at english but i improved it & i'm proud of myself & it's not easy for the french barbz aswell but i motivated most of them just like you did with me

I wanna thank you so much for being a positive force in my life,
You are the reason for many things in my life & i'm very blessed to have you by my side just as you are blessed to have us TM in your life it's a great experience we learn alot we see you grow as an artist & as Onika it's mindblowing & i think that the word proud is to small to Qualify what you Did in the game & FOR the Game
to be appart of your life , seeing / witnessing how far you have & this Journey
with you words can't express how proud i'am as i said before

I just want you to remember that if you ever think that nobody loves u in france i promise that i love you with all my heart & that since 2010 & i will always & your french team Loves you I just want to spend more time with you because i feel like you don't know me completly so When you are in FRANCE i just want you to think of me

from Mixtapes in Queens, to a platinum-selling international super star God is good & everything is possible if we are as determined as you & that's what you teach god gave me the best fave ever freaky smart inspiring , motivating encouraging pretty caring what else could i ask for

So these few lines are to thank you for everything you ever did to me & i can never repay you only with all my heart my love & support that's the best i can give you & i promised i'll be with you forever even when you will stop i'll still be there supporting the best female rapper of all time

Je t'aime my coco that's how i call u :p from favoriting me & tweeting me for the first time first french barb in 2010 to following me in 2011 meeting me in 2012 & clocking me in 2013 lol I can wait for this new era & what you got in store for us <3 don't you ever DOUBT or STRESS you got this we are with you & that's all that matters

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