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i this is about nicki manji but i need to know what u think about this...

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are madly in love. can EXCLUSIVELY tell you that Kim and Kanye are already planning their wedding and future together.

“They’ve known each other for years,” a source tells us. “They have a lot of fun together and they talk for hours about everything. They have definitely talked about getting married one day and things like where they’d want to raise their kids. Kanye makes Kim feel really loved and it feels real to her.”

This is very different from her rushed romance and wedding to Kris Humphries. Everyone watched Kim and Kris’ marriage fall apart on Kourtney & Kim Take New York and maybe it’s because these two hadn’t even talked about where they would live until after they had already gotten married.

So we definitely think it’s a good think that Kimye are getting these important details hammered out now. Our source went on to explain why it’s taken so long for Kim and Kanye to finally get together!

“They’ve always been dating other people so they could never really have anything romantic,” the source says. “But after she realized that Reggie would never take her back she decided that moving on was something she could do. Kanye doesn’t mind the spotlight, he doesn’t even see the cameras and screaming fans because he’s used to it and Kim likes that.”
— Chloe Melas

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