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  1. So I'm gettin my lip pierced but should I do the top or bottom? I don't want it to stick out lika sore thumb so opinions plz!!

  2. I have full pretty lips so I asked a professional piercer n he said since I have full big lips it up to me so I can't decide! Plz help!

  3. Sun, Oct 16, 2011 at 4:57 PM


    My 2 yr old jus sharpied my living room(blue) on off white sofas! And of course the wall and some of her brothers booksack (he's pissed by the way)wtf?! Oh well what u gonna do

  4. Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 2:51 AM

    whats the CRAZIEST thing u ever done?

    1.I jumped off a bridge it sat bout 15 feet over the water 2.I climbed this farmers grain tower which was like 3-4 stories high I could see all the top of my little town 3.when I had my 240sx I raced a camero(and won) in the middle of downtown in the city a 4 lane I did sum pretty daring stuff.....have u?

  5. I'll follow u bk!

  6. Follow nickinationla....follow nickinationla.......follow nickinationla

  7. She can't ignore a nation! We declare ourself as "NickiNation" aaayyyyyooooo!!!! Holla at ya gurl! Follow me @jenifer_2007

  8. I promise to keep it interestin my follow barbies!! Holla at ya round!

  9. Its called "dream kids olive miracle" I got the whole line though but its at walmart! They have the conditioner, the detangling oil moisturizer and for when I braid my babys hair( yes this white girl braids, good too) they have anti-frizz smooth edges. And the best thing its cheap! They come in pink bottles and smell sooooo good! Oh gotta go y.u.mad hook is my text msg ton and its goin off!...

  10. Bc I really love her style and that's one night outta the whole year u can wear whatever u want.

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