Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 1:53 AM

And 3 Years Later

By: EastCoast

I remember when I first head of Nicki, I was 12 visting my dad in Queens and his girlfriend was playing "Playtime Is Over" I asked who was that and she Said Nicki....Every since then ive been hooked to Nicki Minaj..Never did I think she'd take off like she did. I remember reciting "Beam Me Up Scotty" lyrics to myself last year and now everyone is reciting the lyrics like they new or something I just smile & grin...And now we have 5 days left till WE all we be holding our COPIES of "Pink Friday"...I say On Sunday all we do is play "Playtime Is Over", "SuckaFree" & "Beam Me Up Scotty" and listen to how much Onika has grown as a artist that I STAN for.

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