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Insecurities ?

My best friend is beautiful, but she doesn't believe it when people tell her that. and this upsets me greatly, like.. how sad is that? when you can quite clearly see that someone is beautiful but the just cant see it themselves. and like.. i'm not even saying it just to be nice, i mean.. if she was ugly, obvs i'm not gonna be like 'you're UGLY' but she's genuinely pretty, i'm not even saying it just to be nice. it's the TRUTH but she cant see it, its like when she looks in the mirror she's sees someone completely different. i dont know.. but the way she talks to me, the way she explains to me how she feels about herself, it actually upsets me. not to the point where i'm crying or anything, but it just makes my heart sink. and it really got me thinking..
the majority of girls my age suffer from insecurity particularly when it comes to appearance, and if i'm honest? i blame the tabloids. magazines & newspapers that promote ONE look as 'pretty' and that look generally entails being tall & slim ..which is far from what the average english girl looks like, and even girls that fit that description, like my babygirl, manage to pluck out tiny details and label them as flaws. i think society needs to embrace the fact that everyone is different! different shapes, different heights, different colour skin. the fashion industry in particular; on the surface they seem to flaunt the idea of individuality & expressing yourself & your personality through the way we dress. But in actual fact they just create a brand of girls, and if you dont fit that brand then you are seen as the odd one out or 'un-fashionable' Is this really what our generation has come to? a carbon copied army of trolls? .. sorry, 'dolls'

The sheer thought of it brings me great sadness, to see someone you love so dearly, crumble right in front of you because she's being blinded by the thoughts and opinions of others. Dont become a victim of this on going war, break free & stand out from the crowd! raise your hand & tell the world that YOU are different! that you have your own personality! you're own views and opinions. cos who really wants to be a sheep? i refuse to 'baah' in oder to become 'fashionable' & i hope this post has inspired you to do the same.

***i know this post is very different to the sort of thing i usually post, but leave a comment if you like this, and say whether you'd like me to tackle more issues like this. i hope i've reached out to someone here.. it's a topic i hold close to my heart***

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