Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 10:56 AM

a broken heart still beats

it frustrates me how you can sacrifice so much for someone, give so much of yourself to them and still get no appreciation for it. the stupid thing is, i know that i shouldn't care. i know i shouldn't try anymore, but i've never been the type to give up. especially on those you love. but what happens when you love someone that's no good? it hurts too much to give up, but staying is killing me inside. it hurts to see something so perfect turn into such a war, everything's changed. now we're constantly battling against eachother, what happened to the days when we moved in sync? i give you 150% everyday of my life and it's never good enough, i don't feel like i ask alot of you. but idk, sometimes i just think.. fuck it, you'll never love me. cause it doesn't matter how hard i try, you never show me even half of the love and appreciation i show you. even though i probably do twice as much for you as you do to me. it's funny how the things that theoretically should bring you closer to people can somehow drive you further apart. i know i shouldn't love you, and i hate myself.. because i do..

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