Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 12:09 PM

holy shit

HOLY SHIT! it's my birthday in 5days guiseeeee :) as if it's been a whole year since my Nicki Minaj extravaganza themed birthday last year! it seems like only yesterday, awww. but i'm not doing anything big this year :( gonna go for a meal with the close 'uns though, can't beat a good nando's :D eeek, it's my cousin devonte's birthday tomorrow so he's having a big birthday bash at eden night club. can't wait! seems like ages since i've had a good night with the girls where i can just forget all the bad stuff that's going on and just lose myself in the music! hahaha, hopefully they'll play STUPUD HOE so i can get dowwwwwwn! wouldn't mind if there were a few sexy boys to grind on too;) but hey ho, you can't have it all. haha, like i said i'll be updating on here alot more, and on twitter a bit less. but still follow me if you want a liddle insight into my life, or just someone to religiously chant nicki lyrics to, LOL. but seriously, tweet me @EbonyRiann - until next time bitcheeees, stay real or SUCK MY DIZNIK! mwahhhh :-****

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