Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 12:07 AM


Omg! Louisa's birthday is in FIVE days! I thought i had more time than that! I'm gonna have to work some magic here! Already got where am staying on the night sorted, and kinda sorted my outfit.. Think am gonna wear some high waisted shorts and my baggy top, don't wanna over or under-dress.. Blaaah, fashion is so complicated!! Got the card today, already written an essay inside it, i looks kinda amazing! Only the best for my big sister! Ahahaha, still need to sort her present.. Gonna go pick it up on Wednesday hopefully they'll still have some left. Can't tell you what it is i'm getting her just yet, y'all will have to wait til the actual day :P can't wait for the party though! Yuh dun kno ama be gettin' DOWWN! Lou's already banned me & aden from drinking -_- but chase said he'll try smuggle us a little suttin' suttin' ..i reckon it's gonna be a good night! Will fill you in on what happts on saturday.. Until then, goodnight barbs & kens love y'all! Make sure yah leave a comment & add me as a friend! Mwah! xoxoxo

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