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Dricki (I love you)

This my first ever blog hope u guys like it.

Nicki was on tour and it was her last day.She was just about to say bye to her fans. They kept cheering dricki and she looked confused she turned around and saw Drake with a smile on his face and she started to smile big.Drake asked just one more song and they end up doing moment 4 life and up all night.When they were done they said bye and went backstage.Drake and Nicki stared at each other until sb came and said u guys killed it.Drake and Nicki said thank you in unison. Nicki asked what was he doing here.He looked at her and smiled he said i came her to performe with the best female rapper alive.She blushed and said thx Drake. Nicki and Drake walked back to her dressing room.She saw safaree taking her things to the car.Drake sat on the big pink couch and Nicki sat next to him and asked do u want to come to the hotel with me he said yeah sure.Nicki was like okay just let me change first and she came back in yellow sweatpants green shirt that said i bite and had no makeup or wig on. He just smiled Nicki grabbed some things and they headed towards the car they got in and went to the hotel. Once they were they were there safaree took his stuff and asked Drizzy to get Nickis things is said okay. Once Nicki and Drake were in Nickis hotel room he sat her stuff down and nicki went to her room use the bathroom she came back in a long white tee fuzzy socks and a thong.Drake was sitting on the couch and nicki sat next to him. Drake asked if she want a drink and she said yes he got up and back later with a few shots he said lets play a game she said sure and every time u put a finger down u take a shot Nicki ended up taking 2 more shots than Drake.They were both drunk and Nicki and Drake looked at each other and started kissing he got when they were both naked they went in nickis room still kissing and they got the bed and he started pumpng in her she was yelling his name until she said and when they were done they got under the covers and fell asleep.

This was just part 1 part 2 coming soon

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    On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 11:38 PM, twan minaj said:

    I like this and you did really good hope you make more

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