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I love you part 2

Nicki woke up with the urge to throw up.When she was done nic cleaned her self off and went to the kitchen to see Drake cooking breakfast.D-Goodmorning beautiful N-Morning Drizzy what happen last night. D-I guess we had some drinks and end up having Nic cut him off before he could finish N-Dont tell me w had sex D-Well we did N-did we use a condom DRAKE! D-yes so calm down N-thankgod! D-SO you dont wanna have my kid i see N-I did not say that its just that know what kill it D-alright here is your breakfast N-thx it looks and smells good D-thx so what u doin today N-nothing why? D-cuz wait i need to tell u some- N- i have something to tell you to D-okay what is it? N-i really um uh love you and been wanting to tell you to but i was scared you wouldnt feel the same D-I know you do and baby i love you more than ever. N-So this mean we officially together and that im your queen D-Yes and this means im your king N-yep now give me a kiss they kissed then drke left cuz he had a show and hes said be back later well chapter 2 should be like next kisses sry its so short

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    On Sun, Mar 17, 2013 at 4:09 PM, twan minaj said:

    Nicki you goin to leve me for him

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