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Ashley Marks
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If I have learned anything in my 27 years on this planet, it's that you can talk until your blue in the face, but actions make this world go round. I know that I wasn't given my insane passion for understanding eccentric people and the beautiful music they make to be used as a hobby. I am seeking an opportunity that will allow me to stop wishing on stars and begin working for them.

Living everyday with a hunger for life that won't let me settle for less than what I know I am capable of achieving. The immense thirst for a better understanding of how the industry runs from the inside not just the pretty pictures we see on the tv screens. A passion for guidance that will jump start my path to becoming everything I believe I truly can be. The willingness to start at the very bottom because I understand without experiencing the nosebleeds, I will never appreciate the top.

Watching women like YOU take a dream and build a reality. Observing how multifaceted and dedicated you have to be to create something bigger than we can imagine. Understanding of the process it continually takes to always learn the lesson in each experience in order to properly receive the next. A skilled risk taker by realizing that the chances of you reading this are slim. Equipped with an established relationship to my faith to understand that with hope, "anything is possible."

*References available upon request.

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