Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 4:05 AM

Transpire to Inspire

I wonder if back in the day Nicki ever really thought that this moment would truly transpire. I wonder if she understood that by living out her own dream she would offer a channel for so many others to gain motivation for their own. So many times in life we get consumed by what we perceive to be our own roadblocks while we are striving for a purpose. We want to be able to just magically change certain things about ourselves or the situations in our lives, never understanding the significant impact they may have on others observing. Being a 27 year old woman, I sometimes find myself losing track of the things that give me "life" because I am busy wondering how my actions may be viewed. Then I look at you Nicki, and I watch the way in which you live your life so open and honestly. You say what you feel and even if some don't fully understand it, the ones that do can take something so beautiful away from it. Sometimes I think we forget that we were made exactly the way we are for a specific purpose. We are not born to fit a mold of what others think we should be but rather to stay authentic to who we are so that we can serve out our own unique purpose. I may not be 100% sure what mine is yet at this stage of my life, but what I do know is that I am so proud to be on your team.A team that allows me to be exactly who I am and to express every aspect of my true personality no matter how absurd it may be at times. I have experienced the gift that you have resonating in your soul and I stand here grateful not only as a fan, but as a WOMAN. Thank you Nicki, from the purest place I know. I believe in you!

Ashley Marks / @EnidClaire_TM

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