Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 12:43 PM

Would you give your all for you

Good Afternoon !!!

Nicki's blogs are everything >>>>>>>>

I thoroughly enjoy knowing whats she's doing for the day, before i'd think hmmm wonder what nic's doing today or if she's craving hot wings like i am. I have the weirdest cravings and NO i ain't pregnant so plz get that thought out your mind right now lmao But when its nearing that time of the month every woman gets cravings and don't act like you dnt cz you do... loool.. ANYWAY when i'm reading the blogs i feel so close to her as if were having a 1-2-1 conversation abt the beauty & mystery of LIFE. The last paragraphs always get me into the right frame of mind, i printed out all the blogs so far and eventually will Blue-tak the last paragraphs on my wall as a reminder. .. Its become my daily routine to read the blogs to my mum she's is a lowkey Barb yano she sings COAC daily when she gets in from wrk. much to annoyance especially when im tryna watch The real housewives :@ . she calls it the DICK IN YOUR FACE song :(((( bless her i cant help but smile at the fact that my mum loves Nicki as much as i do, yesterday she said "She's a very wise woman these blogs are spot on i have to meet her one day" awwww..Not b4 me!!!! Those ending words give me the strength i need to believe in my abilities.Constantly doubting myself never gets me anywhere. I'd love to become a well known actress and WILL with lots of hard work and commitment...I hope to one day look bk at these blogs and think damn i've come a long way.

Nicki has the gift of gab. (British term that means the ability to speak easily and confidently in a way that makes people want to listen to you and believe you).

Anyway after reading yesterdays blog a light bulb switched on in my head, i went for a walk with my mum.. to tesco's. Bought a meal deal, galaxy cookie crumble was gna eat it until i saw the calories how can something so small and delicous have that many calories CRAZY.. so i'll be eating fruits.

Today i woke up ready to kick some ass. I put my Ripped in 30 dvd on and worked my ass off...I felt so relaxed after the workout this morning, so far i've lost 15 lbs doing it.So it does work if you want it to.... All the bad energy and tension that's been trapped in my body released...My body was in a trance. The best way to describe how satisfying the workout was is that WOOOOOOOOHOOO feeling you get after gd sex or head.. wait did i really write that lol but yh were all mature adults, stimulation is a healthy and beautiful thing....When you lay down after you've reached your climax n can no longer go on you feel a good sense of satisfaction. You set yourself a goal and achieved it. ;)

So i'm working out twice a day until i reach my desired goal weight, cz when Nic does her next tour in London i wanna be one of ppl she points to get onstage, i REFUSE to have the security straining muscles struggling to pick me up.I keep imagining i flash the whole of the crowd with my fat ass which most likely will have a wedgy lol I wanna be pulled up gracefully from the crowd like a ballerina.

Time to be porductive. Have a good day :)


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