Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 12:54 PM


Unfortunately i don't have much to write about today... I just had a subway & greggs ring doughnut or lunch i planned to buy a salad but changed my mind at the last minute. I couldn't see the price and the staff can barely understand english..too much stress, i had my usual wheat bread turkey breast with jalapeno peppers, salad and chill sauce!!!.I love hot food .. There was a lot of boys in store.. I always feel like a piece of meat when there's a large group of guys, they watch you like a fucking hawk, very nerve racking... Ohh and this really smelly eastern European dude who reeked of alcohol approached me at the bus stop asking did i have the time,i stared at him for awhile n said no... i never say no i'll normally be happy to give anyone who asks the time but i realised that he could of possibly spotted my £699 Pay As You Go iphone 5 in my pocket, if i took it out to check the time he could of easily snatched it and ran. I'd be distraught about having my phone robbed i'd refuse to go home my mum would MURDER me lol .. So i'm glad i thought quick and said NO. He took the rejection very well though he said "okay thank you" but i didn't see him attempt to ask anyone else for the time. hmmmmm strange..

I hope Nic does do a blog today. Although she isn't obligated to do one since she's busy, It would make my day i need some uplifting words of encouragement.


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