Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 10:02 PM

Thinking out loud

I hope this blog doesn't encounter a fucking error again grrr..
So yeezy is in NY fingers crossed him and Nic got into the studio !!!! Maybe that's why SB wrote that tweet of gibberish cz he was spazzing at the greatness he was listening to..Maybe they've been brainstorming some ideas for a future track.. Hope so..Maybe she'll make a surprise feature on his new album. Deluxe version?. Nic did say she was writing loads of new features so I assume that's why shes's been absent in writing blogs&twitter which is understandable she IS a business women running her empire is time consuming but rewarding in the long run.... Hopefully she's resting those beautiful eyes, I mean constantly starring at screens isn't healthy for ones eyesight even if it is perfect ;)... Possibly she's having "ME" time gathering her thoughts taking a moment to smell the roses she's already planted.... I just hope this very moment she's smiling and not stressing too much.

Everything she does is for a reason, we may never know the reasons and thats alright. Tbh sometimes it's best not to know, the best conclusions aren't what we are told its what we imagine. I'm sure all will be revealed at a later date and if not it'll be one of those great mysteries.

Anyway I need to stop thinking so much :/ i have so many deep thoughts right now. My brain works so much better at night things r clearer... doesn't help listening to So far gone whilst writing this I swear drake was a woman in another life!!


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