Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 9:04 AM

When waxing goes wrong

Good morning, i am so upset and annoyed :(

Yesterday i decided to wax the area around my top lip BIG MOTHERFUCKING MISTAKE !!!!
FYI no i don't have a mustache so stop picturing a girl with wild facial hair i don't look like a bloody bloke, with that being said if i see a little shadow that shit needs to go !!! Dnt fool yourself by thinking ohh nobody will wont grow, trust me everyone noticed b4 you did but wont say fuck all..Bloody dickheads. Why's it that people wont tell you when something is on your face, food stuck in your teeth, something in your hair ? They'll see it, crack up in there head, but act mad surprise with you once you've spotted it. Smdh I don't like that kinda shit if were supposed to be cool don't worry abt upsetting me, just tell me don't have strangers laughing, giving me weird looks starring me dwn like i offended them. Niggas will gladly let you walk around looking a hot mess if it means they feel better about themselves. KMT.

Anyway i don't know who's side of the family i get this stubborn hair from but I have thick black roots, this one bloody strand of hair refused to move. I must have waxed the same spot at least 6 times.Hair wasn't having none of it. My mum watched in horror asking wtf is wrong with you child. LOL I ripped the strip off so hard that i was left with a massive pink and plum bruise on my face from my cupids bow to the corner of the lips (on the left side). But the finishing results are so silky, so smooth, that i was unfazed by the burning sensation i had, wiped down the area and continued with my day like a BAWSE... I assumed the bruising and burning would eventually go down overnight. NOPE. Today woke up with this hideous looking deep purple burnt mark on my face... I refuse to leave the house...

From now on i'll stick to Nair when it comes to upper lip hair removal :((( the eggy smell of it bothers me though. If ur reading this i hope u had a gd laugh lol Have a great day

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