Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 10:39 AM

Misleading advertisements

WARNING in this blog i am complaining. Read for your own enjoyment i guess :).

The Perfume Shop can go suck my dick! They need to sort out how they advertise and handle business..Bad customer service really winds me up.I saved money ready to go Oxford st buy the perfume then treat my self to Tortilla (Mexican food shop that does banging burritos) grilled chicken, black beans, lettuce, jack cheese,salsa roja YUMMY :P... WELP that plan got CRUSSSSHEEED.

1. They advertised the launch of PF:SE being 18/06/13 for at least 2 months not once stating that its ONLY ONLINE that day. As a consumer i expect that if you've marketing this date when the day approaches i'll be able to buy my bottle INSTORE straight away. Not the case at all. The day before the launch you're letting all the Barbz inquiring know its only online first THEN they'll be dispatched to the store later in the week. OHHH. BUT how you even selling or advertising something that's not arrived in your warehouse :(. I woke up bright n early prepared to order, no link :/ and when we're being nice asking you when it'll be at your warehouse your saying you don't know? REALLY?... You tryna play me for a fool, nah bruv EYE aint no fool !!! NO business can run without communication, there's NO WAY IN HELL you don't know when your stock is arriving. Lying to your main source of revenue? Smh all it needs is number of complaints to be broadcasted on WatchDog (British program) and complaints to the trading standards and your reputation will be tarnished, your whole business will be put into question. revenue will slowly go dwn.. I'm sleep doe. I was gna write a offical complaint to but it's not that deep lmao.Once i get my perfume i'll be a happy bunny. SHAME on the person running their Twitter account who lied thats not cool. How you gna tell one person you "dnt know", another "probably in the afternoon" then the next "its arriving in the afternoon" WHICH ONE IS IT BITCH??. BUT I THOUGHT YOU DIDN'T KNOW WHEN IT WAS ARRIVING? OHHH smn *just stares at you*.

2. My theory is they purposely put the link up after midday knowing in their policy it states they aren't obligated to post it til the next day, hence the stalling tactics used putting the link up. Anyway ordered my perfume with express delivery 1-2 day (£5.50) EXTORTION tbh. A day later. No tracking code. No email telling if its dispatched. NOTHING. Emailed these douchebags at 7am today tryna find out wtf is going on. Still no reply. I wish another store ordered the perfume it would of be organised. Just read the companies Twitter feed i wont be getting my perfume until tomorrow. Only problem is i'm going out tomorrow WOMP...

On a good note i cant wait to rip the packaging open and spray everywhere *sigh* until then im just bitch for the whole day cz i can lol

Have a great day everyone :) xoxo

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