Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 9:48 PM

Eventful day

Today has been so crazy woke up @ 6:45am to my hear my mum screaming at someone outside, found out two guys were trying to break into her work van with a crowbar lucky she scared them and they drove off in a hurry. Police came took statements. Thank god a neighbour was on his way to work when it happened and wrote down the license plate...

Later on in the day my mum had a altercation with another neighbour because of her bad breed kids throwing slate at our double glazed windows and kicking the ball constantly on our wall. Genearally being loud inconsiderate pricks as always.This has been a occurring issue everytime my mum tries to address this woman (beach whale) she wants to have a full blown argument for the whole street to hear, acting like my mum is the problem when all she wanted her to do is control her kids it's not hard, as a parent you're you should be teaching your kids right from wrong, when your child is in the wrong swallow that pride and apologise for your child n let them apologise to, but you have to explain to them why what they did was wrong don't go around acting like your kids can do no wrong, dis bitch 9&6 year old broke into this old couples back garden door YESTERDAY and went into their shed but had she been supervising them she would of know but she too busy getting drunk IDHT... It's ridiculous. Why does everything have to be a fight ? Why as adults can't we address the issue without shouting.
Times like this I'd turn to food for comfort but as I am slowly changing (on a diet) I need to find a new way to vent, this website helps me alot to do so.

People really piss me off tbh, this is why I keep to myself, besides being socially awkward I cba with unwanted drama. Sometimes I wish I had the money to just runaway, get away find a new love, another place I can call home *sigh*. A holiday would be fine. I'm so fed up, I feel numb, I can't believe what's happened today. Madness.

I don't feel safe in my own home :( . what next is gna happen does someone have the balls to vandalise or break in ? Smh

What is wrong with people? why don't we respect each other enough not to do wicked things ? Hmmm

Goodnight xoxo

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