Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 9:50 PM

My Little RANT

Why when you finally gain some confidence and start to believe in yourself and abilities people feel the need to comment on what you should or shouldnt be doing....things that shouldn't even concern them.They have opinion. FOH do they have some sort of radar that says Michelle's happy & content lets fuck with her mind :(

It's always the people you dnt think abt at all that got the most shit to say.
Who needs enemies when your own family tears you apart? The people who are supposed to have your back will throw negativity towards you just because they feel like it, or "it's their place to do so" Your opinion never has and never will be valid to me, you don't even know me at all, you're not apart of my life, phone calls from you consist of you constantly telling ME who I should be, what I should do, how i should act & dress. SICK OF IT.we dnt even have a proper bond I pretend that I like you but I don't, I hate being around you, i'm afraid of what fault your gna point out in front of everyone, how are you gna ridicule me today? I don't even love you, when you say you love me it doesn't mean a thing,you say them but I dnt believe it al all, I dnt even mean it when I say it bk I just say it to be polite tbh! Sad but true, how can you love someone you dnt know anything about? I tolerate you cz I have no choice. The things you say that's "just a joke" isn't funny to me words hurt things someone has said to you will play in your mind over and over until you break dwn.

I thought you changed, i thought we could possible salvage some sort of relationship as family, but you're still a miserable bitch who enjoys bringing others dwn because you're not satisfied with your life. I don't fit your image of a perfection and I am so happy abt that I won't be bullied into doing things cz u said so. I'm ME

Stop bringing me down everytime i pick myself up.Stop watching what I'm doing with my life I have reasons for everything I do, reasons you wouldn't begin to even understand. I'm sick of having to justify why I do certain things.. You tell me I should do things but I don't see you paying for anything that your suggesting, digs about my weight, I was a size 12-14 uk size and considered to be fat, I believed you so much that I became depressed and ate my self 4 dress sizes up. Imagine. You tell me to go out more. but im unemployed, with 0% social life....Until you actually play a role in my life besides giving your unwanted opinions FUCK OFF

I feel like shit right now, so over everything all I ever seem to do is complain *sigh* I just want a simple quiet life with some gd trustworthy friends and a job a possible acting career where I'm at a comfortable weight for myself.... I guess that's too much to ask :/

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    On Sat, Jun 29, 2013 at 12:17 AM, Demiaa_Minaj said:

    No its not too much, i exactly understand where you are coming from people wanna criticize everything you do when is none of their business why you are doing it, I totally agree

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