Sat, Jun 29, 2013 at 4:56 PM

Good things come to you in the strangest ways

The most fabulous thing happened to me last night whilst i was finishing writing my blog.The majority of my blogs are normally me ranting as we Londoners do best, but this one is positive...

But before i explain let me set the mood, Sitting in my leather black circle chair that spins all the way around feet up, pounding my keyboard aggressively, letting out all my frustration, i could feel tiny outbursts of relief as i typed what was on my mind A family member had said things that were just out of order and they've been saying this to me since i was 8 (I'm 20 in august).. When you're feeling 100% at your best, certain things ppl say will trigger all your insecurities to come flooding back, you thought you'd dealt with them but obviously not. Always one twat tryna bring you dwn. My mood changed drastically, second guessing why i'm even doing what im doing? if i'll never measure up to or how family members want me to be?...i didn't want to continue with my diet (i've lost 20lbs so far by having a daily calorie allowance of 1200, water, green tea and exercise everyday),even though i made progress i didnt care at that point. I wanted to find comfort in a thick piece of triple layered homemade chocolate cake. No it wasn't from the box, this barb knows how to bake n cook ;). Anyway I just wanted to end everything.. But in my moment of darkness light was shone upon me.

Safaree followed me on twitter !!!!!!.. Funny thing is i made a conscience decision not to bother Nic or Faree by bombarding them with tweets, demanding them to follow me. That's not how i roll, everything has to be organic. Showing them nothing but love and support is what i do. It feels right for ME. Each to their own though.

When the connect bar lit up i thought some random egg head followed me, as one normally assumes, NOT THIS TIME. I saw "SB followed you" .. i was like WAHHHHHH WHAT??!!! Absolutely GOBSMACKED, i had to screen shot and click on his profile just to make sure it was real, starring at my iphone in a daze. I Thanked him and i've been in such a great mood ever since :)

Who would of thought advice abt cravings would lead to him following me lmao. I'm so thankful & not taking this for granted.

Have a wonderful day TM :) !

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