Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 11:33 AM

cleaning house

I wonder why ppl call themselves ur friends if there not, i mean if i call n ur never willing to listen, then ur not a friend... If u r always bragging about what u hv knowing i hv nothing, ur not a friend. Always complaining about lil things knowing i hv huge problems n that i struggle with alot then ur not a friend ur a creep... I gave up on the human race bcause its a shame that u cant trust or depend on any1 now a days... What i am grateful for is that my kids have me as a mom n that i am a whole person with a good soul n hv good intentions for them lik drake saids fuk a fake friend where ya real friends at???
Wheres the trust?? Care??? Compassion??? Love??? Just some real shit...

Someone that really loves n cares hard....

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