Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 2:46 AM


I am sooooo sad! I heard on the radio that if you call in to get tickets to the IHeartRadio Concert (with Nicki of course) you not only get to see the fabulous Nicki Minaj but you get to hang with her backstage the whole time! Oh and you get to bring 3 friends to share the front row seats!! I could die of disappointment. I waited all day today to call in and get tickets but right when the cue to call went off the radio signal cut off If I got those tickets I would run around screaming and crying and FLIPPING OUT for at least 5 hours straight! It kills me to thing that some chica who doesn't love Nicki half as much as me would get to see her I wanna go so bad!!! AGH! Anyway if I went I don't know who I would take because it would be so life changing to meet my idol, I'd only want someone that would appreciate her as much as I would. I feel like that crazy chick that made that eHarmony video where she's like "I love cats so much! I wish I could hug them all!" (I'm allergic to cats) because then she goes into other stuff and starts crying and says,"Sorry, I'm thinking about cats again." I am about to make a video like her where I go,"Sorry, I'm thinking about that concert again". *pout, pout*

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    On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 9:09 AM, dallasbarbzz said:

    omg mee too. during hurricane irene my power went out so i couldn't call the stations for tickets. i almost died. &ofcourse my phone was dead. ughhh,. sorry barbzz, theres a million of us who feel the same way

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