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She Inspired me!


First and formost id like to say, i am in no way of trying to get any sympathy for what i am going to talk about, just want to share my story of how Onika and many of her alter ego's help me through some tough times :), growing up was a blast, playing with my favorite harry potter toys, or even with my dinosours lol, my imagination was crazy when i was little, come to think of it, it still is :), but anyways back to the main reason, growing up i lived with my father, and my 2 sisters at the time...btw i got 7 older sisters im the i was the one to pick on lol but my father was an awesome dad..when he was see my dad had a addiction to perscription pills and alcohol, this consumed his life, he was no longer the dad i knew, this all started when my oldest sister passed away in a roll over, which involved alcohol and he would hurt my mother if she or any of us take his alcohol away from him , it was scary, there was yelling and screaming, one time i stood up to him, trying to protect my mom, i was about 7 or 8...but it didnt work, i thought my dad was a monster for what he did, i wanted him to be gone forever, unfortunately in october 2005 on the evening on the 25th, that came true, my father died becuase of his addictions, he dug a hole in the ground so deep that he couldnt come out, we tried to help but like what i said, it consumed his life. dont get me wrong i love my dad, to be honest he was the best dad, some may think otherwise, but if it wasnt for him, i wouldnt be the guy i am today! not trying to say grow up with a drug addicted parent and become a nice person, i just chose a different path to take . Last year in 2011 was my graduating year, this is where Onika played a big big part in my life, i first herd Nicki's song in 2010 and fell in love with her and her work since. the last year of highschool was tough, i live on a native reserve in canada and i decided to go off reserve school, not onyl for a better education but to see how it was, like life out of the reserve...i was the only Native guy in my school, i had a few friends, but no many...alot of the guys would make fun of me becuase of my color...they would say the meanest things you can thing of, this one time i was in art and this guy behind me was making a flag design for the town that my school was in and he said" we should put a drunk native guy in it, you see them all around town haha" ....this hurt...but id ignore it and put my headphones in and listen to Pink Friday and some mixtapes of repeat...Onika helped mend these, her voice, her incourage ment to her fans, her dedication to her made me feel like i was a apart of something, only we Nicki Minaj can feel. in 2009 my mom had a boyfriend, non of us liked him....but who knew he had a alcohol problem as well, this is a whole different story that ends in the same way, he passed away last year in the begining of 2011, in May...this month..and during the times he was alive, my mom and him would fight, not only argue but sometimes even physical, some days i wouldnt go to school becuase of this, i would feel like giving up, but then id remember something Nicki said, not to give up, so then id go to school, but then this would be a reacquring thing, and my school started to question it, why i wasnt coming, and id make a lie :( ,the reason i didnt tell them what was happening at home is becuase i was afraid to be taken away by child welfare or something, and i didnt want to leave my mom, my mother is everything to me, but when he passed away, in the begining of June 2011 i told one off my English teachers..basically i told her what i just told you....and she broke down i tears :(, she said she was sorry for getting at me, but i didnt want to to say sorry, it was my fault and should of told someone in the first place....but anyways, i graduated, first on out of my family, and in september 2011 i got an email from my school sayin i was award nominee for an award called " Walking the Red Road" i didnt think that highly of this, thought it was just another highschool award thing, but i was wrong...this award show was televised all across canada on an Aboriginal network...i better finish this up before i get carryed on lol, but there was a specific question the interviewer asked me.. " Who is your role model and why"?? i herd the other nominees say it was a fellow family member....mine was a friend..a friend that not only mended my broken heart, or helped wipe away the tears, that person that i looked up to, was.. Onika Tayna Maraj....she helped me climb those mountains in my life, and tought me that, that dreams are never far our of reach, you just gotta do you, work hard, and most inportanlty stay in school :D now im going to show you the clip that was from the award show....i was so nervouse, but anyways i am now a Youth Organizer on my Reserve for Youth that are in the same situation i was in, or even simuliar, i just wanna give a BIG thanks to Onika for all that she has done not only for what she has done for me, but for the whole TEAM MINAJ all around there world,

Onika, Thank you so much!!!

Please watch the whole video, the last part is kinda funny :)

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