Wed, May 18, 2011 at 6:55 PM

someone stick a pacifier in her mouth please

By: DawnMulan

why every time kim get mad at somebody she on twitter writing them a 4 page letter nshit!?!? looool like they might say your name 4 times max IF they do say it... and she will flood her shit out with their names looool

whining about every little thing! "i would never let someone diss you on my record" bitch!!! who on your records!?!? besides keys!! looool nobody tryna work with her ass.

she really needs to sit her ass down tryna blame everybody for her failure. it's your damn career! put in the work and build your career just like everyone else. quit tryna blame other ppl for their success.

THEN got the audacity to get mad at ppl who support Nicki... and it shows how insecure she is bc she wasnt worried about Nicki until she took over this shit. she aint have a whisper to say about Nicki while she was on her grind trying to make her name known but when everyone started chanting it, she suddenly got beef with Nicki? word? you tryna get some shine off of someone else fame? is that what "queens" on now? word? loooool

i couldnt be team kim if she had me on payroll. looooool i just cant! she is giving her fans too much to be shamed of. truuu say. eventually they will all get tired of looking stupid with kim old lazy barking hound ass and jump on Nicki's dick. YEAH IM RIDING NICKI !!! maybe bc Nicki got that good dick and kim just cant seem to get it up anymore. loooooooooooooooool !! i cant! i just cant with myself!!! *calls ambulance* dying !!!

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