Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 8:57 PM

Highlight: Move Forward

By: DawnMulan

Ever feel like you just had to let some things go and make some changes? Have to drop the teamwork and do some things without others? & somewhere down the road you begin to feel guilty bc these people treat you like you have switched it up and got brand new. Trying to make them understand that its not like you no longer care... you do. you just have embraced the fact that certain techniques arent working. Some cases dont require teamwork, it can hold you back. Some riddles can be solved by a solo mind... you have to make changes so that you dont remain stuck and be free to catch opportunities to move forward... dont be afraid to make those calls.

Highlight: Sometimes its much easier and for the best to climb the tree then reach back and help pull someone up rather than trying to climb while carrying them.

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