Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 8:58 PM

Highlight: Be Grateful

By: DawnMulan

I Woke Up To A Noisy Room
Too Much Going On Around Me
Q:Why Must It Be So Loud .?
A:I Set The Alarm So That
The Sounds Could Greet Me

The Sun Was Shining In My Face
The Brightness Was Blinding Me
Q:What Is With All The Light .?
A:I Left The Blinds Cracked So
That The Sky Could Greet Me

I Climbed Out Of Bed And Stretched Lazily
I Took A Trip Around The House
And Walked The Hallway
Q:Why Am I Up Getting Started So Early .?
A:Morning Ritual To Make Sure That
Nothing Has Changed Today

I Woke Up
I Could Hear My Surrounding
I Could See My View
I Had The Strength To Get Up
Same Old Routine, Nothing New
Dont Misunderstand , That
Is Something Good
Some Woke Up Missing Something
Or Didnt Wake At All
Just Pause And Take This Moment Out To Think
About How Blessed We Are That We Could

Highlight: Yesterday Was Good,
Today Is Great . =]

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