Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 8:58 PM

Highlight: Show That You Care

By: DawnMulan

There are times when you can choose to put
others before yourself for a good cause.
Have a kind heart. Remember a moment when you
were down and someone postponed their plans
or whatnot to stick around and try to cheer
you up? Ever had a moment when you wished
someone cared enough to do so? Be that caring
person that you know you would want around.

Dont avoid someone because they are on a
complete different mood as you. Try and help
them get to where you are. Even if the moods
turn out to switch around and you arent
feeling the same after its over and done.
Your shoulder could be all a person has
during blue times. We all have our days.
Remember yours?

Highlight: Its a beautiful thing when
you are willing to drop a notch trying
to push someone else up one.

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