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Highlight: Believe

By: DawnMulan

You are losing. Losing at what.? Life. You are losing the many
things you worked hard to gain. You are losing the many people
that you tried so hard to keep around. Or is it just the way
that you are looking at the situation.? Can you picture it this way.?

There is a road that God is taking us down. Somewhere down
this road, He becomes aware of another path. One where there
isn’t much more heartache and downfalls ahead as in this one.
And He knows but we do not. We may feel like we have been
through so much already to get to where we are. We may be
caught up on the things we have overcome and achieved which is
why we fight so hard against it. We try so hard to hold on to it.
We might have worked too hard for this car to let them reprocess
it. We might have worked too hard to maintain this home to let
them put us out or foreclose it. There are times when God puts
you through things. It may be a reminder of why you should be
grateful for this or that. It may be Him changing your path. We
get so caught up in fighting against something that is happening
for the best. While He is trying to pull things in order, we are
on the other side of the rope pulling the opposite way like we
are trapped in a game of tug a war.

You may feel like you have come too far down this road to turn
back. He knows what He is doing! If He feels that He has come
up with a much better plan, embrace it. Even if it means turning
back and walking down the opposite way of the road you traveled
so far to get where you are. Along the way we might pass the
achievements we’ve established. We may very well be watching
things downgrade as we continue to head back. Everything reversed.
Losing what you once gained. Whether it be a home, a car, a job or
even a certain amount of people who were once apart of your life.
In some cases we may be standing yet again in front of the Start
line with nothing. But if that is what it takes to dodge the
downfalls and obstacles in the previous road you have traveled,
let Him have His way. Despite the fact that you might have to start
over, this path may very well be the better path for you. There might
be fewer obstacles along this path. There may be familiar situations
that you run into that are lessons learned from the previous path
so you know what and what not to do.

For those of you who are going through some things right about now in
life, it isn’t as bad as it may seem although you may feel like it is.
We all come to this checkpoint some time in life. And just as we come to
this point we rise above it. It’s a whole lot of something, but its
nothing! And you know what I mean by that. Lol Just know that when the
world comes crashing down on you and others are running to take cover,
I’ll still be by your side.! And He is on the other .!

Highlight: It is only natural for us to question. We are
only human. But there comes a point when your “Why?”
and “How long?” becomes “I trust…” and “I believe…”.

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