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My Fave Winning! *strikes Jordan pose*

By: DawnMulan

You're rising to the top. Ascending escalator.
Hard at work. Get down & dirty. Terminator.
Terminate these hos. Spray these bitches.
Leave em on the sidelines like snakes in ditches.
Rats in corners. Spiders on walls.
U doing big things. Mogul moves. King of them all.
Mike Jack. Final curtain. I mean final call.
U in here blowing big bills while they're out there blowing balls.
Tell em while they're on their knees, they can kiss yo ass.
Call girl. Escort yo cash.
Benjamins lined up. Single file.
Laugh & ask that ho how it feels to know that its over. Green mile.
U at the top. U riding clouds.
Let em know u cant hear them hating. Your success too loud.
Volume up. Speakers blasting.
Your 10 seconds of fame going on year 2.
Back to back. Your takeover is clashing.
They feeling dusty. Thats why they be trashing.
They thought u would be gone by now but u still here.
Still going. Everlasting.

U in this bitch. Make her cum.
Tell them bitches watch where you're going.
Fuck worrying bout where you came from.
& what you're doing. Or who you're fucking.
Cus when u start shooting that fire
all they need to worry bout is ducking.
Roman out here in these streets.
Debo your shine. Bitches better get to tucking.
Friday. Friday. P-P-Pink Friday.
Chris Tucker. Ice Cube.
They can't stand playing this game with u
because its like u never lose.
You just keep on winning!
As long as the earth is spinning.
& the day that it stops, it's because u made it.
The female rap world was crashing. Somebody had to save it.
We betting on you. We been put in the bids.
Call Team Minaj some asses. We always behind the kid.

No one can compete with you. Yeah, that's why they're salty.
Pressed because they're cold pasta salad & you're a hot tamale.
High in demand. Most wanted. Everybody checking for you.
That's why everyday she got a frown on her face. Super glue.
Yeah, she tight. Damn, she mad.
We be telling em Nicki can't provide for all of you slacks.
Shoo. Move. Run along Lad.
They need to find a new hobby because they ain't fuckin with ya.
Your portfolio is shittin on their little macaroni pictures.
Sorry kids. No refrigerator.
Don't even tease yourself looking at the penthouse button in the elevator.
Stay in the lobby. That's where you belong.
It's time to stop playing dress up in the mirror. Mommy's home.
Nicki teaching you lessons. Showing you how to do it.
But then u get out of line. She gotta send u outside. Go pick a switch.

Nic Nac. Patty wack. U getting deals.
And these loser bitches still chewing on recycled bones.
They let you in. They locked them out.
Cus these bitches don't know how to act when u leave em home alone.
Let em sleep in the doghouse. They're limp!
They're not like you. They don't know how to go hard!
That's why you're chilling in the ac while they're out in the yard
Tell em dig a hole. Make it their grave.
Throw in the towel. Spare what's left of their face to save.
Blocking them haters out. Putting up fences on em.
Don't give two shits but you don't mind liftin yo leg & pissin on em.
You a bad bitch. She's a stray mutt.
Tell their beggin asses Trick or Treat is over
You're no longer giving out fucks.

They were reaching for it. Now they're pouting because you grabbed it.
They're crying swiper no swiping!
Tell em quit whining. U can't swipe shit from em when they never had it.
It's their fault that they got lazy. Feeling comfty.
Bitches can get knocked off the wall. Humpty Dumpty.
Now you sitting pretty. Billboard.
At the top dangling your feet in heels that youtube ho could never afford
Undisputed champ. In your corner, a die hard team.
You just focus on brightening the future.
Your barbs will handle the bacteria. Listerine.
You running the game. Treadmill.
Surrounded by green. No flower field.
You got it in the bag. Paper sack.
That bitch wasn't doing it right. She gets no more love.
Hell nah her sore loser ass can't get it back.
You tried to tell em. Show em how to lead em.
But some babies don't latch on. You can't breastfeed em.

Funny thing about lessons.
Some get caught right away & some get caught late.
Some not at all. They don't want it as bad as you do
They not hungry enough, so they frown when you clean your plate.
But that's how it goes. Some people are put here to give you strife.
But know that we appreciate you over here.
Nation of Pinkslam. We bout this life.

it's a Code muthafuckin Pink bitch.
My Fave Winning!
*strikes Jordan pose*
the cub loves Mama Bear

Ayyyeeee Claire! Kam! IMGIT BITCH! *stacks imgit gang signs* lmaooo
Ayo Bon. I see you Nancy! *klondike bar handshake* lmaooo
ROFLPL = Rolling On Floor Like Patti Labelle.
i play too damn much. knee slapper. k, im done.
*drops mic, foot a hater in the forehead & strike that Jordan pose then exit stage left*

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