Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 5:12 PM

*salutes Nation of Pinkslam & strikes Jordan pose*

By: DawnMulan

Killing these wack rap bitches. Call me Mulan the bum slayer.
Put on my pink cape. Rush out the lair.
Platinum stake!
Right through the heart.
No respect because too many run through you.
Ew. Shopping cart.
Now you see it. Your success.
And now you dont. Repossess.
Who you kidding? You know you're finished.
Low blows with my slingshot. Just call me Dennis.
You're breaking down. Your teams a witness.
Ball on your ass all day. Pink Friday fitness.
Don't bite our tongues. We're full of sass.
Call us doctors. We're spanking ass.

She highly disappointing. Call that bitch a recall.
Fighting with herself. Call that shit a plea brawl.
Herself tone her out. Call that there a shutdown.
My fave is winning. Call this here a touchdown.
Slam the winning ball. Victory dance.
Your fave fumbled too many times. Missed her chance.
Cry herself to sleep over an opportunity gone.
She don't know how to do it right but she damn sure mastered wrong.
Thought she was living it up. That quick, her high was blown.
The kid Nic kicked her ass then kicked her out. Home alone.

TM stepping on these other teams.
Treat em like a welcome mat.
We run with Big Dawg.
Aint fucking with no alley cats.
Witness a real one go mogul. Fuck a has been.
You aint stinking because you the shit. You just a trash bin.
Say Nic aint the queen of this femcee shit?
Those words got to be a sin.
Only mufuckas that give a damn when Kim open her mouth...
is the nuts on her chin.
Only time her fans shut up is when a dick in their mouth.
Pink Friday all over the place & y'all still aint figured it out.
Denial that your fave caught in a drought.
So you fall out in the floor. Kick, shout and pout.
Fucked up y'all life. Give y'all something to cry about.

Only street credit she got is for buying thin mints from the girl scouts.
She talk a lot of shit. Put on a glove. Rip her ass out.
Edward Scissorhands. Scratch up that bitch face.
Tell her kiss my fave ass. Report back on how her crack taste.
Freddy Kruger! Haunt her ass.
She can relate to leftovers. Tossed in the trash.
Bold af. Coming at a real raptress.
Deflate these hos. Air mattress.
They're hating on the queen and the barbs because their fave remains unannounced.
Mad because her cheques made like her career and bounced.
We stay warm in Pinkslam. Left them bums out in the cold.
Washed up. She can't dry properly. Her fails = overload.
That's why she curse the day that Nic's winning ass was born.
That's why she steady yapping her mouth like a bum scorned.
When she step up to the mic, the whole place yawn.
Just face it. That ho not nearly entertaining. Soft porn.

No chimps allowed. Your access denied at every fort.
Meanwhile my fave went from mixtape to billboard. Teleport.
You blinked your eyes. Didnt see it coming.
Nic stole the base while you were too busy bumming.
What's wrong? Your heart hurting?
You cant catch your wind?
Team Minaj pass Team Chimp a white sheet.
Their fave's career is dead.
Too bad. No resurrection. The wicked witch is slime.
You lose. Reincarnation. Try again next lifetime.

*Memphis Bucks across blog*
Ayo Kam. Claire. iMGiT from the heart. Real shit my nigg. aha!
I see you Nerd. *holds up Pink Friday Records chain*
In our minds, we in this bitch. lmao
Pink Friday Records til the death of us!
We're ready whenever you are Nic.
I got my pen right here. You just tell me where to sign.

My fave stay winning. *strikes Jordan pose*
Championship. Trophy. Rings. All that good shit.
Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. 02-14-2012
if we gotta tell you to buy it...we will tell you...
along w/ a slap in the fuckin mouth, across the fuckin jaw then upside the fuckin head.
I call that a Code fuckin Pink.
Step yo shit up & be ready for Nic's every move before she even decide on the move.


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