Sun, Jan 15, 2012 at 6:25 AM

Knee Slapper. Pinkslam's Most Scouted. Mixtape Coming Soon.

By: DawnMulan

Lullaby. Why don't you go to sleep? Permanent napper.
Pack and ship you out the scene. Professional wrapper.
Witness protection for your ghostwriter & call yourself a rapper?
Comical shit. Yous a funny bitch. This shit's a knee slapper.

The difference? I'm the shit and you other hoes is just some stankers.
My bars get high bars and you other hoes is just low rankers.
Snatching wigs. Tugging horns. Pulling fucking antlers.
You stay salty. Get a hat and cane, bitch. Planters.
Our hair stay right but your kitchen rough, bitch. Hood.
You sleeping on us but we wake up ready. Morning wood.
Sunny. Weather nice in Pinkslam. We good.
You looking kinda cloudy cus all your cans were shoulds.
Now you gray cus instead of dids, all you got are coulds.
Shade the queen? Shooting star. Closed eyes. Wish a hoe would.

Coming for that ass, hoe. Alligator snapper.
Dancing on your head. Professional tapper.
You don't belong. Fish out of water. I'll call you flapper.
You make me giggle. Yous a funny bitch. Knee slapper.

Telling tales on paypal. Sin. Get in the booth. Confess.
A bum slaving over the stove. Yous a hot mess.
Even your team can't help second guessing you. Haltless.
You stay pressed. Get your ironing board, bitch. Faultless.
But how can we blame you? Everyday is our day.
Pink Friday. Celebrate. Rep that pink like AKAs.
You can rep that white. Your team can rep that red.
Get it? Red blood. White sheet. Yup, your career is dead.
Nic can strike that Jordan pose. Champion shit. Back to back.
You more like that outlet scene. Walmart brand. Strike your Shaq.

You standing in place. Nic keep passing you. Overlapper.
She came in the game. Took your title. Sped off. Hijacker.
Mad when you should be showing love. Kisses. Hugs. Dap her.
L.O.L. Yous a funny bitch. Knee slapper.

Why can't you just give it up? Yous a hard head. Metal.
You fuck with my fave, you fuck with me. Invite myself. Meddle.
Claim you the best to do this shit? Yous a lie. Devil.
You stay down. Get your scuba gear, bitch. Sea level.
Stick my leg out. Trip these hoes. Yes, I'll kick em too.
Code Pink. I kick dusty hoes. You know how I do.
Hold my fave down. Back the kid up. Best believe I ride.
Pauz. Say the wrong thing. My hand hit your mouth. Collide.
Smack your words back down your throat. Watch a hoe choke.
You been in the game too long. Still ain't done shit. Slowpoke.
Team Minaj. We running shit. We good on this side.
You others teams ain't seeing us, bitch. Glass eye.

Not every fairytale ends with happily ever after.
Calling the time. Your career is dead. Bring in the pastor.
Somebody call in FEMA. This drag was a disaster.
Comedy genre. Yous a funny bitch. Knee slapper.

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