Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 8:36 PM

Put On. Pinkslam's Most Scouted.

By: DawnMulan

Damn. Its funny how life is.
You got a lot of takers. Don't know how it feels to give.
Shit. You gotta watch who you run into. Study who you know.
Can't let the sneaky creep up on you. Keep your enemies close.
The world ain't what it was. People not who they once were.
It ain't how it used to be. Only a handful care.
Surround yourself with real ones. Who watch and got your back.
The ones who hold you down. Your shield when you're attacked.
Push you the extra mile. Know when to cut you slack.
Tough love is that real love. Honesty is where it's at.

And damn. Its funny how life goes.
You got people wanting to cross the pond with you.
But don't wanna help you row.
And shit. Sometimes that slows you down.
Throw you off your game a little.
Until your right senses roll around.
Then you see what's best for you. See who really there for you.
Realize a thing or two. Accept what you got to do.
Make a few changes. Make new moves.
Put it on you. Yes, put it on you.
Rely on yourself. Put your trust in you.
Claim what you want. Take pride in what you do.
Believe in the best by believing in you.

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