Thu, Jan 26, 2012 at 10:47 PM

Life's Most Priceless Art

By: DawnMulan

theres no mind like the old mind
an old head's smooth words from back in time
when a guy approached you & said "you are a lovely lady"
and not "damn, you a dime"
there are no more guys like you so i overlook it
all of your attempts i swiftly dismiss it
but you turned out to be a stand your ground type brother
keep fighting for what you want as if there are no others
anywhere, anytime, i seem to run into you time & time again
and slowly but surely you reeled me in
& you never switched it up, remained a humble breeze
arms, the comfort wrapped around me

years strong and we are still in it
the little things done just to keep it interesting
just to show that he is still interested
sends me my favorite flowers. slide me a few cards
send me cute little emails, took me on a date just because
out of the blue, when i least expect it from you
you come through, a new gift with a note in the upper corner from you
"something that caught my eye, you'll look good in it"
an added note inside w/ a smiley face "i dont think, i know"
boy, you better keep me on my toes
this day in time this type of thing is rare to see
ego boost, keep me glowing like the sunshine over me

and nothing is perfect, that does not exist
as quick as we get tired, as quick as we miss
never takes long to get right back
piece it back together, get things back on track
like all couples, we have our ups and downs
good times & bad times, a cycle, repeatedly, round & round
we have both our highs & our lows
but there is always more
feelings to explore, love to endure, love to pour
never ending like a waterfalls flow
just cant handle the separation, dont want to depart
its times like this, boy you leave a song in my heart

turn me into a whole, complete my soul
this everlasting growth that only you and i know
only you and i see, only you and i feel
only you and i can touch, inside...outside
right in the palm of my hands, this is oh so real
we were one at one point in time,
four arms, four legs,
two hearts, two heads
split in half, wondering the world in search
of something that is not there
spending days thinking we are our own,
when really we were made in a pair
at last...pieced together, locked in place
all sense of completion, no longer unknown space
again we are one, you and i, you with me
realizing how much stronger, wiser, and better we can be
my better half, your long lost part
two reunited, love: life's most priceless art

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