Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 6:00 PM

i just thought i should let you lot in on this

By: DawnMulan

seriously though... mcdonalds apple pies are always THE best the next morning... truuu

thats the way i love em... of course i couldnt bring myself to love em yesterday when they were fresh & burning my tongue every time i tried to take a bite... i desperately wanted a bite yo... i knew the consequences and kept right at it. lol

but right now im eating one... pauz

okay!!! the freakin dog just passed gas & made me lose my appetite. ugh!!! the nerve of her!!! & then she sits here looking like well maybe she wont notice it was me if i just keep looking around... o_o ...sometimes i hate her. lol

i was enjoying this damn pie. -_-

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