Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 7:43 PM

okay maybe i lied

By: DawnMulan

i know i said my last post would be my last post for today but... hey, dont hold it against me. lol

for a minute our water was getting cold really fast... by the time i was ready to rinse during my shower, the water would be cooling on me. where am i going with this? just bear with me...

so other day i hopped my happy ass in the shower... scalding hot water!!!! i was so shocked i didnt know what to do but scream and run in place. lol i had nowhere to run... it was run in place or jump out of the shower which would have led to me possibly slipping on a wet floor and breaking something...

what did my panic lead me to do??? i screamed, ran in place and wrapped my ass up in the shower curtains... lmbo!!! it seemed like the only logically thing to do at the time. funny part about this all is when i got out of the shower my sister said she heard me but thought i was in the shower singing and sort of hoped i wasnt seriously singing... ahaha last night she burned her finger in the water and thought it would be better to get the parents to laugh at me instead of laughing at her... she was describing how she heard screaming and stomping... the nerve of my dad to laugh about this!

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