Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 5:29 PM

first thing first

By: DawnMulan

Pink Friday is PLATINUM!!!! *does a toe touch* in my mind though.... bc i cant do that ish forreal. anyway... platinum bitch! pink friday is platinum hooooooe. i didnt even express my joy in a blog about this yesterday... i just wanted to save it for today so that celebrating could be the very first thing i do ahaha *pops bottle...of peach soda*

imagine im gonna go to mcdonalds, lean over the counter, pull the little mic thingy thing forward and say "bop bop bop bop boooop pink friday hoe" lmbo

i shall share something sweet and dope and meaningful with you lot bc you love Nicki just like i do... df you lot think im going to throw around... im not Nicki... i dont have Nicki money... no gift baskets on deck over here... with that being said.... STARBURST FOR EVERYONE!!! *tosses candy*

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