Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 5:36 PM

Now That Ive Celebrated...

By: DawnMulan

the second blog for today i would like to let you lot know that ... last night... i had popeyes. -_-

Fried chicken on deck! yeah man *usher voice* i was smacking on that chicken like nicki did on ustream. truuu lol

i had cajun rice... and biscuits... with honey... extra honey on deck. lol

but i do have one complaint... i shall find that receipt and get them together real quick. there was one wing in the box and that hoe still had feathers. the nerve of popeyes! seriously... feathers? really though? just gonna take my money...serve me chicken...with feathers on it??? if i wanted to pluck the chicken myself, i would have taken my ass to the farm and tackled my own damn chickens. -_- i definitely feel some type of way about that little incident...i know they saw those big ass feathers. -_- fortunately for them... i love biscuits more than chicken and i was caught up on biscuits and honey. lol

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